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We were all excited to run another trail after flying through Appetizer, and now we were eight Jeeps strong.  But right when we reached the beginning of the trail, Rachel's Jeep's tie rod snapped and she was out of the game.  Luckily, even though it broke off at the end, there were enough threads inside to get it back together and get her wheels back pointing the right direction.  But fearing that the temp fix wouldn't hold out on the trail, a phone call was made to get another one sent out, and she and Amber drove out to the main road while we pressed on two Jeeps, and girls, short.

The trail itself was a pretty cool.  Instead of bypasses, it had a few harder stand alone spots that could be given a go.  Everyone did great in their own way, choosing their own desired path.  With all the gorgeous landscape and even more gorgeous line of photogenic Jeeps, the pictures could have practically taken themselves. 


There really wasn't much to report on this trip.  Besides the broken tie rod, everything else went smoothly.    We'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.  We are sure though, especially since the area is pretty close, that we'll be scheduling another trip out here in the near future.


When the other Jeeps got left out of the picture, our guys had been a little nervous about being the only ones that weren't severely modified and sitting on 37's.  It turned out not to be an issue though.  The guys we ran with were really cool and let us take our time and even helped out with the spotting.  Sure when they saw a 5.0 obstacle or a rock the size of a dumpster sitting in the middle of the wash, they went for it, but they didn't try to show anybody else up or anything.


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