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e had already planned to wheel this weekend when Eric, a friend from, asked if we wanted to wheel with him out at the White Tanks.  Well we couldn't say no to a fellow Christian Jeeper, so we arranged the trip for Saturday afternoon.  We were all afraid the weather was getting too hot out here to soon but it turned out to be only 75 with a nice breeze.

The Jeep convoy grew from the get go as Chris and Dana's Jeeps met up and then later with the help of the CB's Jared merged perfectly onto the Interstate and into formation between Chris and Dana like it had been practiced.  When we got to the White Tanks we found one of Eric's friends waiting for us and him.  By the time we got to deflating and discoing down, the Jeep count had significantly increased to six Wrangler and one Cherokee and another Wrangler caught up later to make an even eight Jeeps.

When we began the trail, we weren't sure if besides being able to navigate the rocks, we'd be able navigate all the trash that had recently been dumped into the wash.  But it all worked out and they guys were soon to learn why the trail had been named as it was.  While offering the normal 3.5's obstacles (and harder spots to play on) it's pretty short and really sort of a tease; just enough to leave you wanting more.








Before we had finished the trail and got up the ledge out, Eric tried a spot he found that was just begging for a souvenir off of his Jeep.  It only managed to claim his Bikini top when he laid it gently on the rocks' side.  We also played a little on some of the dunes before heading over to "Tax Collector."