We kept it locked up too long. A few years ago, we put together a nice little symbol we thought would add a little message to our outings. We wanted others to know that there are those of us out there that push the everyday limits while still keeping a Godly perspective. Too many people think that a Christian life has to be boring, the whole "all work and no play" scenario. While we are supposed to be set apart, and not of this world, it doesn't mean that we cannot enjoy the good things in it. God created this world for us and we intend to explore and seek out every adventure possible.It is our goal to represent the lifestyle we've chosen with a "Higher Ground" attitude and let those around us know that this world's obstacles won't hold us back.

While most of the photo'd stickers you see ride on our Jeeps, we have actually found that they are quite compatible on other types of vehicles although horsepower gain may vary. Either way, you'll be surprised how many people notice the fish symbol right away even at stoplights and especially in caravan formation.



*Shipping is only $1 (per 25 set)

**Email for bulk prices



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