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Okay, it's summer in Phoenix, which means it's either time to throw in the playing outdoors towel or to get the heck up to higher altitudes in hopes of double digit temperatures.  So this past Sunday after church we did just that and took the Jeeps up to Payson to play.  Our destination was Pyeatt Draw, a creek bed trail Chris found a few miles NE of the city.  We found the right trail with out too much difficulty.  We tried some online directions first that just had us scenic driving along a fence row along the top of the hills, but we finally found the "real" trail down in the canyon.

This trail had quite a lot to offer.  There was always a little trail just up the hill that winded through the creek every once and a while that allowed obstacle bypasses, but we only used it near the end to get out.  Dana actually came out with her Jeep and her new brother approved beau to give the trail a shot.  And since this trail was easily harder than Sycamore Creek (which we wondered if she'd be okay on), she ended up doing lots better than just okay.  She kept right in pace with Chris, even trying her own "I wonder?" spots.

Both open diff Jeeps were constantly put to the test with the many ledges, large cracks, and wet rocks, but only one hole we found required a tug out of.  Chris and Dana both found themselves in the air a couple times and on one of the more tricky spots, Dana's Jeep got pretty tippy, so we strapped her Jeep and pulled a little to keep it leaning the right way.  The leverage I was able to give with the rope was enough to sway her Jeep at least a foot tire to ground.

All of their skid plates and armor really took a beating during the course of the day and more than once, setting it down on the bumper was required.  The only part they passed on was near the end where a winch would've come in handy.  I made the mistake of showing Chris a picture of a Jeep on its side at that spot, but he said when he gets his full cage, he'd give it go.

This was another great run, and even though they pushed the limits pretty far this time and played on some obstacles just for the camera's sake, they left with all the tools still wrapped up and all their parts in tact.

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