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Well, this is one of those parts you really almost dread to spend your dough on.  There you are planning how you're going to spend your money on making your rig look good and then you find out you need a few hundred dollars of performance parts that chances are no one will ever see.  It's usually while buying your lift, you notice the small writing behind an asterisk in the description section stating that they recommend the additional purchase of the hidden part and expense in question.  Jeep people go through this "additional part recommended/required phobia" with the addition of a lift, in the form of a slip-yoke eliminator.  It's just one of those things that your pocket book tries to boycott as a need, when there are so many wants you have in mind for your baby.

The problem is that while you can just stick some spacers under the transfer case crossmember/skid on a Jeep and hope the vibes don't eventually "shaft" you, the importance of a healthy steering can be much more dangerous.  It all comes back to angles and the stress you're putting on your now lifted and angular challenged IFS steering and suspension.  Add the factor in of much larger than factory spec tires, and something's got to give.  The first thing you should notice shortly down the higher road is a change in handling and the addition of some steering slop.  Not fun on any vehicle, but much worse on a top heavy girthy SUV.

Like lift kits, there are 3-4 companies offering their own versions of beefier steering kits.  Most of these just take the stock components and strengthen them with their own welds and brackets.  This is why most of them offer a core charge return when you ship them your stock take-offs.

I originally went Calmini, the company that manufactured my lift.  I had read that they had had their share of problems with their steering kits in the past, but that they had been resolved.  But I was impressed with their service, promptness, and quality of their lift kit, so I threw some more of my money at them.  I also ordered my body lift kit from Automotive Customizers and then waited patiently for the two to come in so I can get my X up higher and get on her new 33" shoes as well.  The BL kit came in shortly, but I forced myself to sit on it until I could provide the extra strength for the steering.  The problem was that the waiting became too long as the kit was placed on back-order with no guess at its indefiniteness.  After 2 and a half months with no contact regarding a timeline, I searched for a plan B and found L&P Performance parts.  Not only did they have a few kit options, but their prices were dramatically lower.  Instead of being a large company, L&P was owned buy just a couple guys doing their own work in the world of performance products.  With still no end in sight with Cal, I cancelled my order and tried L&P.

Now the way things work over there is a little different than most companies.  I'll assure you ahead of time, you will be getting a quality product, but you should be prepared to be left in the dark regarding your order.  I figured out quickly the price difference with L&P was because they set their own schedule, had no customer service, and pretty much ran L&P as a side job/project.  After I PayPal'd my money over, there was no confirmation it was received or anything regarding proof of order or invoice.  This didn't worry me until I realized there was no way to reach either Lee or Phil.  Website email was never answered and phone numbers were out of date.  Later on, still with no acknowledgement of the order I checked around on the internet Nissan boards and found this to be a common occurrence but also found a lead to a phone number which I think is only fair that I share with you now.  While Phil, apparently the brawn behind the operation could never be reached, I was able to get a voice with Lee's number.  He assured me he would contact Phil for me- but at least with my situation, that conversation had to happen thrice until I was given a guesstimate on my shipment.  So good luck and here is their information:

Phil: (217) 351-8316

Lee: (812) 236-5403