This install was pretty self explanatory, but we figured the bumper came out so well, a few review notes on it might be nice.

The bumper base was a from a local four wheel shop here in Phoenix- "4 Wheeler Supply." Frankly I am so tired of the every day every body's got 'em plain bar stock steel bumpers.  Even Chris's Jeeperman seems plain vanilla stock with a simple overdone  center hoop. Sure it's a cheap and simple design, but the front bumper is the face of your Jeep and a little character never hurt anyone.

Then there's the way too large bumpers like ARB that go over-board on width, protecting even out past the plastic flares.  We decided to go out to the end of the metal, then added our own tube-work design as the icing.

Even though we were looking for something more visually appealing, we still wanted plenty of hardcore protection so we could be ready for not just the if's but the when's. So we made sure the bumper we went with had at least 3/16" steel on the base and strong enough tubed grill protection.

Not only is the bumper strong enough to serve as a jacking point anywhere on it's surface with the Hi-Lift, you can see it has a great departure angle.  It has shackle mounts but the bars work well to tug from too.

Another great part of the design was that it included brackets to include the sway bar bolt holes to make a total of 10 frame mount locations.  This also makes the addition of a winch later on more feasable.

We did trim the Jeep logo'd plastic frame cover a little to be able to reuse it, but we cut it good enough to keep it clean.

All in all, we think it came out very sweet and adds plenty of character to the front of Dana's Yellow crawler.  And, now that Matt is welding for us, it should be a lot cheaper to custom up some more of our own designs in the near future (see J's new rear bumper).