We had a few ideas for some trips we could do after the summer was over. Unfortunately it didn't get the hint that "NOBODY LIKES YOU!" and stuck around. Seriously how much more plainly can I put it? "LEAVE ALREADY, ****."

Well the date was already scheduled in our awesome Higher Ground Calendar so it's not like we could change it so the show went on. We met up Saturday morning on the Carefree and the drivers lined up ready to head the short ways north down the interstate. The excitement began early as Cecil lost a tire and the minivan next to him almost had her own blowout. In no time our carajeep was together again and pulling off at Bumble Bee where we met Geoff who had come the other way. That made us five Jeeps strong (Mayo color, Mustard, Ketchup, Relish, and Geoff's XJ to make the sandwiches and provide the fruity box drinks).

After airing down, we flowed into the creek and headed upstream.



Turkey, which is really just an extension of Poland Creek in Black Canyon after Turkey hits it near the end- if you want to be technical, is a nice playful drive for all sizes because there are plenty of play options. You can also eyeball some of  BTG's buggy side canyons along the way.

For our trip, the creek, save for a few pools, was dry, which made the rock piles more tire friendly for playing. The trail weaves in and out a good bit and is sometimes lost, but as long as your willing to play rough, you can usually stick it out in the main creek and just reconnect with the group. It was on one of these that Geoff's Cherokee got tippy enough we had to bring in the big guy to weight him back down before it was too late. On the same obstacle, Cecil shattered his pitman arm trying to climb up. It wasn't a big deal since he had a spare. it gave the kids time to play with critters in the pool below and Geoff and him had it all back together in no time.

We continued around the miner's house and claim and then on the other side a few people checked out a walk in mine right off the road.

One small spot kept the drivers attentive as they were required to hug a rock wall to keep their tires from slipping off and rolling below.

We had lunch in the shade and then played in another pool area where the kids tried to decide if they really wanted to succeed in catching a frog or if they just liked trying to instead.

The day was pretty hot, but the day went on without any other hitches and the landscape gave some nice views. We reached the FR101 out of the creek and drove the dirt trails to the Cleator bar for a drink and some regrouping.

Most everyone went on home together, but Jonathan stuck around to drive this guy up to Crown King so I could camp before meeting him back for Sunday's Big Dipper hike.






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