*This page is intended to be a supplement to accompany the official RE instructions.  We wanted to let the average Joes out there know that this job can be a relatively easy install and to provide extra pictures for the install.

Reasons we chose this product:

  • 3.5+ lift

  • Fits 33's prefectly

  • Trusted brand name

  • Great flex

       Installed on Offroadaz's Jeep

Chris had paid his dues.  He drove with jeers and taunts of many as his Jeep remained stock and didn't grow up for almost a year (okay it was mostly my sister poking the fun at him).  He kept pointing out that many people say it's good to drive your Jeep stock for a while so you can get the feel for how it drives and see what it can do.  Of course many people also say "Size doesn't matter," and "Beauty is only skin deep- it's what's on the inside," and we know who those people are.

But, in the end, he was right.  And just because it was stock, it didn't stop him from playing where the bigger boys play.  He ran the Coke Oven trail and the Backway to Crown King, just to name a few.  While his Jeep was in the difficult process of watching others grow up and mature on ahead of him, Chris continued to reassure it, nurturing it with every skid plate he could get his hands on and faithfully taking it out on the trails.

After that long year, he decided it was time to take the training wheels off and make room for some 33's.  His many hours of research on the subject had led him to the right kind of people, the ones who had been in the business of helping Jeeps all around the world reaching their full potential for many years.  He decided to go with Rubicon Express, and wanting a perfect fit for his new 33' Goodyear MTR's, he went for their 3.5 inch  Suspension Lift.  He paid the extra for the SuperFlex kit, because it came with new arms that replaced the stock lower control ones.  It also came with a set of sway bar disconnects, but those were quickly replace with a better designed pair from JKS.

It was the first real project he turned to me for help with, and we dove straight into it as soon as the parts came in.  If you're out their looking for reassurance that you can install this lift on your own, maybe this is the wrong site for you.  No, I kid, it was our first time too and we took it slow, but in the end, Chris's baby came out just fine... wait that didn't sound right... on to the install.

You can view RE's install instructions here.