All right, there is really no need for a technical page on this bumper.  The install only had three steps, and one was the additional frame-tie in kit.  If that isn't easy enough for you, the instructions have gobs of color photos to boot.  The only con I can think of related to this bumper was that OT took the tinker-toy fun out of the install by already providing everything preassembled.  Even the packaging was immaculate.  Seriously, I almost took a picture to show that just the shipping care alone was worth the buy.  For Pete's sake, it even only took 2 days to get here!

Reasons we chose this product:

  • Price

  • Rated for towing / 38 tire

  • Lock open pin & Hi Lift mount

  • Huge overkill 2000lb latch system


    Installed on Na Na's Jeep

There really is no reason to read on, but just in case you wanted to see the install anyway:

For starters, this bumper came with the frame tie-in kit so you can mount more weight, bigger tires, and/or actually tow with.  The bracket mount to the frame and then sandwich the stock bumper plate to the bumper.  The holes you need are already there, you just have to get the bolts in them.

Jeeperman bumpers give you tie-in option as well, and I knew from experience getting Chris's on, the bolts are kinda hard to manipulate into the holes.  Basically your frame is hollow right?  So you have finger the bolts or nuts through a hole in the bottom of your frame to get them to poke back out the side holes for mouting.  To get this to work on Chris's, we poked the bolts inward and then by essentially gluing the nuts to our fingers, positioned them into place inside the frame.

Now, inside the instruction packet that came with the OT bumper, I noticed a length of copper wire included and couldn't figure out what it was for (they had even wrapped the ends in tape to prevent package pokage!).  Turns out the smart thinkers there at OT figured out a simple solution to the frame bolts trickiness and explained it all out in the instructions.  It's one of those things that after you see how easy it is you think "Der, why couldn't we thought of that?"  You just loop the bolt on the wire, feed it in, out, and pull.  Then there is just enough room in the bottom frame hole to fit an open end wrench in to hold it and get it tight from the outside.

Anyway, now you can get that bumper cinched up on the mounting plate.  They also provide you with 4 extra bolts in case you want to add some holes for additional mounting strength from the bumper to the plate.  So wow, step 2 is already done.  All there is left now is to place the hefty tire carrier on its pin and bolt it down with the one large nut.

Throw a washer down then set the carrier in place, add another washer and cinch the bolt on down.  Your done!  All there is left to do is play with the hugantic 2000lb latch.  Like stated before, this feature is a huge overkill, but there's nothing wrong with that.  If you look at Chris's Jeeperman bumper you'll see it has a overkill feature too: the huge 2.75" hinge bolt/nut.  Had to use a monkey wrench to get that sucker down.  Our theory is that while these things aren't necessarily needed, they do make the competition look bad when the offer something less.

You can also throw your Hi Lift on now.  We liked this bumper for the mount that comes standard.  It has points to secure it at the top and bottom and the bottom point even allows a locking lugnut to be used for security.  We kinda liked how it looked mounted at an angle as well.

Like Jeeperman the OT bumper is rated for towing and up to a 38' tire.  Another similarity is that they both provide a locking safety pin that allows the bumper to stay swung open.  I know this is a great feature because many a time one of us has opened up Chris's carrier while on a hill, to have it swing forcefully open with all of it's beefiness trying to bowl you over.  With the pin, you can leave it open while on the incline and not worry about it.  The OT has two locking points: One at 90 degrees open and another at almost fully open.

With the latch system OT used, you won't hear any rattling from this carrier.  It also uses it's own rubber stop that protrudes from the carrier and rests against the tailgate.  It can be adjusted in length to keep it rattle-free.  While most people seem happy with their Jeeperman carriers, Chris's has rattled a good bit.  So far OT's hasn't made a peep.

With the extremely easy install and superb design, I'd say at this point in time it is the best out there on the market and would recommend it's purchase.  It even cost $100 less than the Jeeperman too.

Unfortunately we found soon after publishing this write-up that OT has gone out business : (