All right, Dana finally did the unthinkable, she sold her old Red YJ and went out and bought a 2002 TJ- a bright yellow TJ.  No more stump jumping leaf springs, no more trying to keep up using a carbureted 4cyl, and no more clutching it over the rocks.  But also no more lift either.  So we set out to find a new lift that would be well suited for her new Jeep.


Reasons we chose this product:

  • Jeep was tiny

  • 4in to fit her old Jeep's tires

  • Refutable company

  • Comes with extra stuff included

        Dana's Jeep

Even before the thought of getting a new Jeep came about, we had been checking out Full-Traction's products.  We had been interested in their designs and were thinking about getting their shackle reversal for her YJ.  So when we got to seeking out a lift for her new Jeep, we researched them further and found they had a lot to offer in their suspension lifts.  We found that for almost the same price as an RE lift, we could get FT's with their shocks, a drop pitman, and an adjustable front trackbar all included.  We really liked that they offered a kit that did away with the rear trackbar, giving you an awesome bolt on triangulated rear setup, but we felt that for Dana, who takes her Jeep a little less offroad than the guys, it wasn't needed.  So Dana took some of the money from the sale of her old Jeep and we contacted Mike at 4x4Rockshop and placed our order for Full-Traction's 4" FlexArm kit.

**Okay, before we go any further at all, I must inform you ahead of time of the problems we had with FT and their absolutely lousy customer service.  I'm mostly going to just cut and paste what we posted on, because quite frankly I don't want to get all worked up again.


Like stated before, we liked what we saw and wanted to go with their company, but, and this is a big but when it comes to things like these, their customer service sucks poo. We should've figured this out when not a single one of their catalogs reached us after 3 different people, from two different locations, requested them 5 different times and once was by phone.

The lift took a while to send out but we were ready for it when it got here.

Anyway, in short, only one thing was missing from the hardware package. Not a big deal at all. If it had been a bolt, I'd just go grab another one from Ace. But it was the sleeve that goes into the bushings in the new track bar. Still, not a big deal (but trust me on this- You need it). We've ordered things and had bigger parts missing before. It happens.

So when I figured out it was missing (after the whole project was finished), I called FT to request a new sleeve. (I sent email too but there was no response from that)

Maybe it's too much, but I expected they'd want to please their customers and send it ASAP. Instead, their guy kept asking me if I'd looked all over for it and was trying to pin me for it. After he reluctantly let it go, he said they'd get it out to me. That was Tuesday. So I called Friday b/c I hadn't received it yet. I had to go through the whole thing again and it turns out that they had no record of my call or shipping it out. This guy assured me they'd ship it now out to me. I explained at that point that the Jeep was a daily driver and had been sitting in the driveway since Monday and he finally said he'd blue label it to me (whatever that meant).

It turns out it didn't mean much.  In the meantime as if to reiterate my point, Mike from Rockshop emailed me asking why he was shipped a metal sleeve with my name on it!  They sent it all the way out to him even though they asked my address!  Mike is such an awesome guy he was like, "Awe man, why didn't you tell me of the problem?"  I told him it shouldn't even involve him if it's FT's problem but he insisted on taking care of it.  So instead of "blue labeling" it to me, he shipped it Next Day Air.  2 days later after I received the one Mike shipped (I think this was Wed or Thurs) the sleeve that FT sent out (the second time) finally arrived.  I'm thinking about mounting it on a trophy with a "Customer Service Award" inscription and blue labeling it back to FT.

I dunno. It seems by now more companies would see how close knit Jeepers/Off-roaders are know how quickly word travels (Ahem-Fabtech).  And the whole thing of it is that it doesn't matter if I had accidentally dropped the part down the toilet, they should have swallowed their pride, coughed up the buck the part cost, ship it out and made their customer happy and then there never would've been a problem to report at all.

All right, now that we got that out of our system, on with the install!

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