Reasons we chose this product:

  • Remote Reservoirs

  • Inertia Valve

  • 11 full inches of travel!

  • Zinc plated looks


    Installed on Offroadaz's Jeep

Okay so you have your perfect lift and you want to get the most out of it.  You want to squeeze the most lift out of it and you want the best ride and handling characteristics.  Chris decided that Edelbrock had this formula perfected in their new Extreme Travel Reservoir Shocks.  After getting the RE 3.5 SuperFlex fitted on his Wrangler, we set our sites on installing the shocks.  There weren't any install instructions on mounting the reservoir on Wranglers yet, nor were their any write-ups out on the net.  We did find a guy that had installed some Bilstein Reservoir shocks on his and it gave us a few helpful ideas.

The fronts were pretty easy to rig up.  The shocks came with a fair amount of hose between them and the rez so they were easy to work with.  The spot where we chose to mount them, up high in the wheel well, almost seemed like it was made for them.  The bolts and nuts didn't interfere with anything in the engine compartment and were easy to access, although on the driver's side you will have to remove the wiper fluid container to get the nuts on.






The rear shocks needed a little more attention and modification.  We chose to mount the rez up on top of the frame.  This required hacking away at the "gap guards" in the wheel well.  It was easy with the help of a Dremmel tool and made it look pretty customly cool.  Even though the rez was sitting pretty on the frame, the straps actually affixed it to the body of the Jeep.  The bolts went through into the rear and were hidden by the carpet. 

Now, the front bolt mounted up just fine to the body of the Jeep, but the back one is another story.  We ended up rigging up a securing bolt without a problem.  The rear bolt you'll need is going to be around 4 inches long.  We did the install a good year ago, so I don't remember the exact measurement, so just get a long bolt, you can always trim is up later.  You'll actually need 3 nuts for that bolt (bear with me) to get the result we went with in the end.  Check the shoddy diagram if you're still confused.


Check out the flex on Chris's Jeep.  The spring is almost off the pack!





Not bad eh?  And, it being a year after the install, I can tell you that Chris put them through all he could.  He noticed right away the bettered body roll feeling he got than with the stock set up and said any nose dive that had been there was now gone.  From all the rock crawling to just the occasional bumps encountered when flying down an open river wash, they seem to be definitely worth the buck.