All right.  Here's a ridiculously fun...or maybe just a funly ridiculous idea for any Jeeper at Christmas time.

We like to decorate over here and that means going all out in every way.  There's always at least 1 jeep in the driveway and many times there's all 3 (there were even 4 when Dana's old red one was being sold)  So all the neighbors and other passerbys can obvious tell we have the whole Jeepism thing going on.  We figured there had to be a way to incorporate that into our Christmas display.

The idea of Santa driving a Jeep came about, so we got down to thinking about how to get a Jeep up on the roof.  Using a kid's Power Wheel seemed to fit the bill so we went about trying to acquiring one.  We were able to find one in the trash but it was the Barbie edition so it came white and teal with pink tires. 

The first thing we did was set it out in the front yard and play around with it so as to raise the neighbors suspisions and fears.

After play time was over we bought some spray paint and started the process of making it into a "real" Jeep.  We decided on Silver as our main color of choice and even made the fenders, bumpers, and much of the interior black.  Now that it was painted it looked great!  But it still lacked something...    Lights!

Now how to accomplish this?  Jamming in regular light bulbs was out of the questions due to room issues and almost assuredly heat factors.  Christmas lights would probably work but there still wasn't room to just ball some up behind the fake lights' covers and plus the wires would show and make shadows.  The only other option we saw was to see if we could go Light Bright on it.

The fake lights consisted of a lens and a cover.  I took a thin piece of wood I had laying around, cut it to fit inside the lens, and then proceeded to drill 30 some odd holes in it.  I drilled the holes with a bit size that would allow the glass part of the Christmas light bulbs to slide right in.  It worked like a charm, the lights slid in and for the most part stayed in by themselves.  Now each bulb was shining straight out.  I then slipped the lens over the holy wood and put the cover on it.

There was however, so much wire sticking out from behind my homemade headlight.  So I took most of the plastic out of the indention in the grill piece where the light sits to accommodate it.  I basically cut out all of it except for the places the lens clipped into.  The light now almost sat flush in its pocket.  I ended up putting a bead of hot glue around the edge of the headlight to keep it from popping out if it were to try such heracy.

The Jeep now had headlights!  They were pretty bright too- about 35 separate bulbs in each one.  But there was a new problem.  At sometime during the construction of this project, I got it in my head that the Jeep would need working emergency lights.  Santa wouldn't just leave his Jeep up on a rooftop without making sure other reindeer pulled flying Jeeps could see his parked Jeep in the dark.

I figured the absolute easiest way to do this was to just get a small strand of lights, make them blink, and then insert them into the correct spots.  I put 1 orange on each of the 4 blinker lights up front and two red in each tailight.  Then, of course, I had to cover the other light that were blinking so no one could see them too.  I tediously placed a piece of electrical tape on most of unwanted blinkers and then stuffed the others out of sight under the seat.