We needed a good moderate run that wasn't too far from home and had some scenery, one for more of the family than just the guys. The FR98, aka Beeline to Bartlett, aka Log Corral, was a good choice because it has a lot of changes along the way. There was still fall color out in the creek bed and water was pretty much gushing from the couple springs along the way. The one decent obstacle was pretty filled in with sand since our last night run visit, but some of the bigger boys found a quick little option to play on while they waited for the rest of the group to catch up. Closer to stock vehicles or the lockerless need to pay a little more attention in this section but are fine of they are kept on top of the rocks and out of the holes. We had a couple challenges here but after we got all 6 Jeeps and one FS Dodge past the rocks, it was pretty uneventful with a wet step here and there until we were completely out of the creek.

The trees faded away and gave way to desert and some off camber rutty fun. The safe way's not always fun so some drivers tested out their flex and tip over angles in the washouts. We had lunch at the corral with the lake view in the background then headed downhill to the water.

We passed the 393 road to toss a couple of poles in the water before we followed the powerlines out. It was fun having all the kids lined up on the shore casting out. 4 small catfish were caught before we figured we should head out while we still had sun. Finding the river crossing is always a challenge and in the fading daylight even those of us who have hit this trail 3+ times had trouble. Much of the banks have grown over with trees, brush, and cattails so it's a little more than just putting the tires in the water and going. After searching around on foot, Jonathan found the old original crossing complete with trail evidence on the other side. We crossed as dark came upon the day rounding out a great day of adventure.

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