This was a very easy trail, but we took it not for the off-roading, but for the mine at the end of it.  We've been in some pretty big mines, but so far this one took the cake.  Martinez great for it's levels, but Desoto goes the furthest back by far (no pun intended).  The trail is supposedly a 4.0 but is nowhere near such number.  We've been there a few times, with no troubles or negotiating to speak of.  The view is spectacular though and you can even see all the way out to Four Peaks!

There is usually up to your knees water standing in the entrance of the mine and a very cool breeze blowing out of it.  The mine just keeps going further and further straight back.  It finally spits, but those go equally as far.  We found several "rooms" that look to be partial cave remnants, with huge pools that interconnect beneath the floor.  The water is so clear and greenish, you can see a rock fall until it is out of sight.  If you go back to the furthest points in the mine you will see lots of minerals seeping out of the walls.  Some look exactly like toothpaste, they are so bright blue.

After extensive exploration of the main mine entrance, we drove up to the top, where we found huge crater mines.  But, and I cannot state this enough, THERE IS POISON GAS IN THESE MINES.  All four of us experienced a burning in our throats and some weird stomachness, before we smelled the gas.  In fact one of the people with us has no sense of smell and experienced the effects.  So I advise you not to explore the upper portions.  I'll rappel down into any given mine shaft first without checking for Gila Monsters (true happening) but will not go back up there.  Take my advice, there's nothing to see up there anyway.  The fun is in the main horizontal shaft (sounds like I'm hiding gold up there- but I'm not- Seriously).


Check it out though: We're so hard-core about our trips that we scout it out by plane first!  Okay, so we had a friend who flew and we took the pics while we were up.