Leg two of our Cottonwood weekend smackdown

We woke in the morn rested, some of us scraping together grub, others knocking on doors begging for coffee. A couple townies rejoined us at camp for another day's festivities.

Brutal played out pretty similar to Smasher, maybe a little fewer scenic crawl rock gardens spaced out between the good obstacles. We started out with a tough hill climb instead of ended with one. It was another "don't spin the tires" challenge as the drivers fought to reach the top without slippage.

This was another LWB friendly trail, with lockers mandatory. The larger 37's and 40 inch tires really helped with clearance and on some of the multiple undercut falls. Damage still remained minimal though, with a DS U-joint, a brake line, and a window the only real casualties.

Some guy named Sy something or another may have been the only one to make the big fall but everyone put their cameras away when the Toyota showed up. Another fun show was Bob driving his big red out of a flop. And then Jonathan performed comic relief in the form of an Austin Powers wall wedge moment.

It was another great trail with great company where the photos speak more than the words and those of us there were happy just to participate. Our small Higher Ground invite list was constricted to drivers with the most seat time with the most capable rigs (and of course those without scheduling conflicts). While we enjoy running a variety of trails, we do enjoy watching this select group and their rigs grow.


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