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    Hi folks - my name is Tyler Colton and I'm addicted to jeeps. I straight traded my is300 for a 97 TJ. Matty P asked me to register and share my jeep and I don't want to work so I'm taking the time to use this thread as my build thread. Granted, I started on July 3rd, so lots of progress already.

    And yes, I did wheel this already to Crown King (have you ever head of this really cool place?? ) and it's raw, and freaking fun.

    Here's what I know about it

    • 5 speed
    • 4 inch lift
    • 35 inch tires
    • 8.8 rear axle
    • 4.10 gears
    • rear limited slip

    Bunch of other stuff that I am uncovering on a daily basis - but those are the big things

    Here's the short to do list:
    • Remove every single stupid sticker - ongoing
    • Drivers Side Seat Belt - done
    • Rear Seat - done
    • Rear Grab Handles - done
    • Rear Seat Brackets - done
    • Rear Seat belts (2) - done
    • Rear Seat Bolts - done
    • Shocks (4) - done
    • Side Mirrors - done
    • Currie Front Steering - done
    • Currie Track Bar - done
    • Front Tube Fender Flares - ordered and waiting to install
    • Rock Sliders - ordered and waiting to install
    • Front & Rear Diff Cover
    • Front Seats

    I have some before pictures that I will have to resize at home. I'll put some pics up later this week.
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    A couple of before pics
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    Way cool! I miss being in a TJ every now and then.

    Do the 4:1 for the tcase or start saving for an atlas. One of the best offroad mods you can do. Gives you the deep gears but still lets it keep up with traffic on the road.
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    That reminds me. During the fastest transaction ever, the previous owner said something about him redoing the gears to something else, but didn't get a chance to hear on what. It feels beefy. Is there a relatively easy way to identify this? It crawls in first gear (without 4x4 too) and doesn't stall, just keeps chugging.

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    Jeep looks great!

    There is a formula, if you jack up the back and rotate the wheel... for every one rotation the tire does, count how many rotations the driveshaft does and divide that or something and it'll give you the ratio. Google is your friend on this one.


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