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Thread: Operation Money Pit

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    Yeah I've been there a couple times, cool place.

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    Worked on the transmission and clutch today. Spent a lot of time learning and figuring things out. Found out I put the clutch fork and the release bearing in in the wrong order. The bearing needs go on first and then the clutch fork clips on to the bearing then the inner bell housing return spring gets attached. Right now my spring is sprung and the pivot ball won't stay in place. Live and learn. It is a $4 mistake.

    I had the chance to go to Willy's Works and pick up a few things on Saturday. One of those things is a pilot bearing and boy am I glad I dis. I used hydraulic pressure to get the pilot bearing out. What I did was rip up newspaper and soak it in water. Then I stuffed in the hole where the bearing is at. I pounded on the the newspaper with an input shaft from an old t-18. The water squeezed the bearing out. My neighbor gave the idea.

    This is what it looks like in process.

    Here is the clutch out of the jeep.

    This is what I found when I got the pilot bearing out.

    Hmmm...a split in the bearing. Good thing I got it out of there. Also, notice that it was not all the way seated. Kinda ticks me off. I am glad I had a new one to put in and my neighbor pushed me to check the shops work who supposedly knew what they were doing.

    Here is another pic.


    No plan B.

    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger except for bears, bears will kill you.



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