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Article: Rock Sliders for the XJ

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    Smile Rock Sliders for the XJ

    Thank you, Skatch, for posting my tech review for the rock slider install. I know that was a lot of work formatting it and I really appreciate it.

    It's on the Tech Page, or you can go HERE to see it.

    They were from AJ's Off Road Armor and I love 'em.

    I also put 1.5" Taraflex rear lift shackles on the XJ tonight. Turned out really good and was easier than I expected. Raised the back up to give it a more agressive stance and takes the rear fender flares out of play. The front fender flares had been repositioned which gave good clearance, but the back ones had not. (It's amazing what an additional 1.5" will do for a guy... - keep it clean, kids.)

    Also, thanks for the phone support, Sc00by. You are my brother, brother.
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    You did a good job with the write up and pics. Easy to layout. Thanks for the contribution Mr. Johnson!
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    Nice install page. Good writeup... it's nice to have new installs
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