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Article: Bar's Leak Engine Repair

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    You know... it's a blessing and curse to park on concrete. I'm grateful to see the leak, but man... I have a leak! Kind of freaked me out. So, as usual, I called Pop (my dad is a mechanic, plus he's my DAD, so of course he's the first person I call) and asked him (a) how difficult is a rear seal, and (b) did he think I could do it.

    Well, told me to check out some oil additives that recondition the seals first. He said that it would either (a) not help at all, so what's a $4 investment compared to doing the rear seal, (b) at least reduce the leak and slow it down, or (c) actually recondition the seals and stop the leak... so I figured, what the heck.

    I went to Pep Boys and got Bar's Leak Engine Repair

    I changed the oil and added the additive. After a week... NO MORE LEAK! So, I'm naturally suspicious of anything that offers an instant fix (diet pills, spray on wax that restores your paint to new, Oxiclean, etc...), but this stuff actually really seemed to work for me, so I thought I'd pass that along.

    I was a skeptic. I confess that I still am to some degree, but the stuff worked for me... now, any suggestions on a good concrete cleaner to get the oil off my driveway?
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    Quote Originally Posted by alanzona View Post
    now, any suggestions on a good concrete cleaner to get the oil off my driveway?
    Ive used kerosene and a scrub brush before, worked good
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