Anaconda 08

December 27, 2008


Some of our more strapping young Jeepsters thought it be time for a trail that spoke with bigger stones- one of those anti-bypass straight shoot jobs. This trip, three Higher Ground Jeeps and four Rock Rats stepped forward to grill up some Anaconda on a beautiful Saturday morning.

Given that the trip was right after Christmas, some out of town family and friends were passengered out to show them the fine line between Arizona rock and sky. Like many Table Mesa wash trails, you don’t need reclining seats to get an eyeful of either.

The trail went as expected if you’ve been out there before. It’s not a particularly hard trail if you’re locked and alloyed. Armor’s going to come into play too if you’re not wanting to shed paint pounds by the top of the hill.

Altogether it went well though. The stretched Wranglers didn’t spill their hand held beverages and the Cherokees somehow held onto their windows. Even Team Yellow, short wheelbase center shovel and all made it look easy. Only one time did the strap come out to save a brother’s white hide. Most importantly though, no passengers were hurt in the filming and everyone was able to drive it out to the pavement before noon.


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