Raw Deal 6-21-08

June 23, 2008

Well, now that we’re in the hundred + teens, it’s either batten down the hatches or get creative with the clock. Luckily there’s some close areas we can hit if we beat the sun up or plan to hang out after hours. With Table Mesa just a tire roll away, it’s one of the more frequented Arizona playgrounds. There’s plenty of different runs for whatever you happen to be running. We chose Raw Deal this trip because not everyone had lockers and it is a very short trail so we could make it back in time before the wives or bosses noticed we were gone. We ended up running Lower and Upper and then turning around and running it backwards given that the whole even only took an hour and a half. Another good thing about the trail is that there’s multiple lines and as Geoff found even options above and beyond. At one point he had his XJ’s rear off the ground several feet as the rock kissed his sideview goodbye. He drove it out though and Alan pulled some nice vid from it as well. We got back in plenty of time and all three drivers got to test their vehicles limits and still call it fun.

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