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Drop in from bridge Squeeze Rock Gauge tower

The second time was the charm on this trail.. The last time we must have been in too much of a hurry, but this outing I'm pretty sure we were able to exude all the fun that could be had out of Creek Sycamore. 

We were a party of three, Dana and Jared with their Wranglers and we had the pleasure of Chris's neighbors, Brian and his dad Darren, who have been itching to go out with us for a while.  They brought their RE 4.5" lifted Cherokee, and Dana brought her old man Jonathan and his niece, Laurel. Oh, I guess Jared brought me, but the camera and my feet carried me along the trail.

It is summer here in AZ, but we wouldn't let that keep us inside (or at especially at work :). We just left early and brought plenty of water. Plus we had been feeling the off-road-void for too long now, and needed to do something about it.

The Lower Sycamore Creek Trail, while short, is a great place for a number of reasons.  A "trail" defined by Webster's is "A marked or beaten path, as through woods or wilderness." But if you've been out, you know it's not always fun just sticking to the norm and not challenging your skills. SC offers many different paths and obstacles that can make the trail different each time you drive it.  Many times the three Jeeps would break off from one another to go their own route, but we always stuck close and made sure to get each Jeep through each obstacle by stopping and teaming up on spotting and planning the next moves.

Anyway, like stated this trip went differently. Not only did it have a different vibe, than last time, it also looked different.  There was a lot more greenery than the AZ sun usually ends up leaving around, so it was harder still to place the obstacles and photo ops from last trip. But as you can see from the pics, we somehow made due : )

This is the trail that J first did w/o his shiny chrome parts after he had first got his Jeep, and the trip that also won him a front page pic on He didn't have his BTF rocker guards back then and by looking at the paint missing from them after this trip, you'd be surprised he hadn't had any damage before. He was much less green too this go 'round, trying many of the harder more tippy spots, making for some great photos.


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