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Article: Tuffy Dual Overhead Console

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    Thumbs up Tuffy Dual Overhead Console

    I would have to say that this product was the most exciting for me to get. I had waited a long time to purchase it and was really happy when I found out we would be able to get it to fit in the 04 TJ.

    This product is unique in many ways and I feel gives my Jeep the ruggedness it deserves. I personaly have not seen another dual console in another Jeep, I have seen the single console in a TJ and I believe Mike spoke with someone who wanted the duel but got the single because they heard the dual would not fit in an 04.

    The down side is the rattling, even if both compartments are in the locked position they still rattle. I feel it is a small price to pay to give your vehile that little extra something that you dont see everyday.

    All in all, I give this product a thumbs up and highly recommend it for CB and other electronic storage.

    Official Install Write-Up and more pics

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    Emailed Question Received via Contact Us:

    Hey guys

    so I just wanted to say keep up the good work it really helps !! just a few qustions
    for ya I know your all busy so I'll make this quick

    For the tuffy overhead console: how hard is the install can someone who is not Mech inclined do it on there own ? what size of bolts did you guys use to replace the ones that came with the console for the footmen loop ? did you guys paint the console ? and could you get the plastic trim back on to cover the wires along the wind screen ? do you need to make the hole on the right larger or is that more for ease ? can I get the longer bolts in with out doing it ? Do you have the template for the CB faceplate still ? I so could I get a copy some how ? Did the mods to the console work in the long run or are there any rattles ?

    Sorry guys I know its alot of qustions but I am not so handy and just need a bit more info than the write up had ! but I am glad to find the write up as I was about to but the one for the 03 TJ + but now I'll go with the one I wanted from the get go thanks again guys and look forward to the reply cheers

    Chris ( 03 Rubi 3.5 RE Super flex, 33in pro comp MT, nth degree oil skid, shock
    works sliders based on your review )

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    Thanks for the comments.
    Michael here.
    I'll try to address the Q's you presented, just know it's been a while since I installed it in that Jeep.

    First off, don't stress out about it, it really was pretty simple; a little time consuming on figuring it all out, but that should be even easier for you since we had never seen it done.

    Make sure you read Tuffy's statement to us on the challenge. They were very helpful.

    More than likely the bolts at the windshield we used were just 1/4 inch that I had laying around.

    Console was already powedercoated.

    We did end up putting the plastic trim back. We just dremmeled a secion of the center out and slapped it back up to cover all of the wires.

    If you are going to reverse the bolts like we did, you will have to find some spot to allow access for you to get the head in and then the body to slide along until you can fish them through. The hole won't show so we didn't pay particular attn to how it looked. You could make a clean hole with a small hole bit on a drill. There are nut inserts you could get but we didn't feel like they would take the weight or stay tight. With our bolts we could tighten them as much as we could and double nut them to lock them down.

    The template for the face plate, we really didn't make one, just drew it out on the board we were going to use then cut it til it fit.

    The console held up great and the mounting rattlefree. On a bumpy trail it's advised to lock the CB drawer up but because of the setup we used, we could close it up and still use the CB perfectly.

    Hope this helps. Once you dive in you'll see it's not as complicated as you may think.

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