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Article: Review Posting - It's the law

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    Exclamation Review Posting - It's the law

    This is a new section of the forum.
    As you may well know, we have an Official Tech Section that dabbles in the area of product review. It even has the nifty rating thing going on. But while that serves a good way for people to find out install tips and see the final outcomes, it doesn't really follow up on the overall goodness, for lack of a better word, of the product.
    So I invite you, as the owner of any offroad/outdoorsical product etc to let others know what you really think. Are you happy with your purchase/mod, did it hold up, would you do it again, what would you do differently?

    Also, not every product/mod is Tech page material (i.e. it's not always fun for me to go design crazy on every little mod going on in the group) so post it up whether it be a fire extinguisher holder that didn't hold smackingly well or how you should have used more caulk in watertighting efforts.
    Come up with your own personal rating system if you like, whatever.
    Remember, most people find our site by searching for reviews/installs.
    Show me you can invest too. Let's get it out there.

    *If a tech page exists, please also link to it. Feel free to use any pics or graphics you wish.
    *If you leaned toward the liking of a product, good etiquette would be to link back to them
    *Try not to bash companies too badly, unless it is Fabtech, or Full-Traction
    *If you need help with linking images let Offroadaz or I know
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