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Thread: Bob and Avis go to EJS.... AGAIN.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fatbob309 View Post
    That would be awesome!

    Registration for the official trails opens Jan 22nd. We were thinking of picking two trails to do as part of the official EJS and then just hooking up with other groups like Full Size Invasion. Or... we can run off an do an open trail on our own. Any trail that EJS official is doing that day is shut down to the public so it takes a little planning. It wasn't a big deal last time.

    Depending on how many people are going it may be smart to get another tent site

    Two trails that I would like to do are Behind the Rocks and pickle.
    Bob, if you look at the link to the 2019 "trail map" it says that only the blue colored trails are shutdown to public while in use... if I'm understanding it correctly, that means the rest are open regardless of being in use or not. If that is the case our options open up a ton.
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    My list is pretty small on the Jeep. Outside of the Jeep I have a few things to wrap up the next couple months on other vehicles but shouldn't be a problem.

    We should do a run. I'm forgetting how to wheel


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