So if you werent aware, Defcon took place last week in Las Vegas. Apparently, part of the new "security" measures for people staying in the hotels is unannounced - unauthenticated room searches by hotel security. Lots of reports of people showering, dressing etc and strangers barging into their room

This got me thinking about ways to secure a hotel room a bit better. Its fairly trivial to bypass the latch on hotel room doors, and with dozens of hotel employees having access to keycards it increases the chances of a surprise visit. Either to snoop or steal valuables.

I was looking around on Amazon and found 2 decent solutions - unfortunately they only protect you while you are in the room

The first one is from a company called Addalock and its an additional lock that doesnt require any drilling for your room

The second is an alarmed door stopper, when the door is opened and moves on it, it lets out a 120 decibel alarm

Any thoughts?