Completed the 2nd 1/2 of the AZBDR from Heber to Page this weekend. I wish I was a photog. I couldn't even start to capture the areas we were in. You will just have to take my word for it that it was amazing.

Night 1 (Friday)
Was going to meet up with the others in Heber and camp so we could get an early start. I left Payson about 7:30 and made the slow drive up the hill to Heber. So many people. I was bout 5 miles or so out side Heber and had moved around the last of the slow trailers. I look over and there are a bunch of deer feeding off the side of the road. I was thinking "Oh cool. That's a lot of deer" About that time I came over the hill and there was an elk in the oncoming traffic lane.
"NO! NO! NO! Don't do it! F**K!"
I hit a Cow elk a little behind its front legs. The head hit my hood and then it flew across the road and landed in the dirt. For 30 seconds there was no traffic on either side. Just me and this elk.
After I gathered myself I checked the truck to see how bad it was. It was drivable and nothing was leaking. I checked on the elk to make sure that it was dead. It was.
Off to meet the guys in Heber. The front tire was pushed into the bumper and the headlight as busted but still worked.

Day2- Sat
I was up at 5:30am looking over the truck and seeing what I couldn't in the dark. I was glad that Dodge put 3 foot of space between the grill and anything vital. The hood didn't want to open so I pulled the rest of the grill off. We hooked up a winch and pulled the bumper out so it didn't rub.
Off to the 300.
We drove the 300 and then cut down to east clear creek near the blue ridge ranger station. From there we jumped on the road to up near Mormon lake (because of a wild fire) where we picked up another dirt road to the cinders. We camped at the cinders. Not a fun place to camp but lots of stars.

Day 3- Sunday (Big Miles day)
Up early again and on the road. We cut over the 89 and took dirt roads that felt like crown king for what seemed like days. Then it opened up and smoothed out. We made a stop at an old stage coach rest area before we worked our way into the Grand Canyon park the back way. In my 37 years of being in AZ I never went to see the Canyon.
It was just Meh... I don't know if I overhyped it in my head or what... I was more moved by some of the stuff we saw in Moab.
I was told I just need to see it from another spot.
On the road again and off to the Navajo Nation. We picked up out land pass for $12 CASH ONLY and headed off. We picked up the dirt road across from where we turn to go to Tuba City of the 89. We put down about 30 miles and came to the little Colorado and planned to camp there for the night. It was only 3pm and we still had 70 miles of dirt before we the main road again. We talked and decided to drive to the vermillion cliffs to camp.
I would love to spend more time in that area. Looked like some great fishing and some out of the way camping with some cool night shots.
Day 4- Mon
We did the road that leads to the wave and made our way into UT then back to Page. On the way to page we see this Nissan SUV off the road and in a ditch. We head back to pull him out and I about get stuck in the sand on the way in. I park and walk. This guy has a 2wd and is stuck in a sand hill that I wouldn't take most jeeps down. We start digging and send one of the guys around to the other side to winch him out. About 2 hours later he is free and on his way. We make our way into Page to fill up and part ways. 5.5 hours later I am home and eating pie while on hold with ins to see about fixing my truck.

It was a great trip and makes me love AZ that much more. I kept thinking Alan would love this. I wish Alan was here. Alan would lose his mind camping here and seeing this...
We need to do this as a group someday. Even if its just parts of the trail it would be a great group trip that any 4x4 could make.