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Thread: Thank you - surgery downtime

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    Thank you for the popcorn, candy and movies for Noel and I.

    The doctor said her thyroid was huge.
    Hospital stay was 3 days but mostly because her calcium levels were bouncy. She can talk fine so it seems her vocal cords weren't too aggravated and most importantly, there was no nerve damage that could affect her singing.

    Her scar is crazy big and scary. She'll spend the next week at least + another, taking it easy and healing inside and on pain meds. They seem to be working well.

    She'll be on medication forever to compensate for not having one, but there was no way around it since the cysts were continuing to grow and pushing on her wind pipe.

    Thanks for the prayers for sure and the gift.
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    Very cool and thanks for the update.

    Yeah, we heard her family had food covered, so we thought just some nice chill, watch movies, be still relief would be most helpful. So very very grateful the surgery went well. Truly an answer to prayer for sure.
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    youre welcome, I was really glad to see she was doing so well! I know she was a bit nervous about the voice stuff and was happy to hear she wasn't in a lot of pain
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    I am glad she recovering well.

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