5 years now I thought I was hunting in 17a for pig(tag was good for 17a/b)... Turns out it was 17b. Yeah I kinda suck at this hunting stuff...

Spent the day yesterday driving all over 17a looking for places to hunt. I dont know the area. I had never been in the area till yesterday. This unit is 2 hours of dirt road driving to get to the hunt areas. Im out of time and could use any help I can get. Anyone have a friend who has hunted this area or even just spent time in it?

Areas: Camp Wood and Hyde Mountain west to the Yolo Ranch. Forest Service Road (FS) 21, off Williamson Valley Road from Prescott, can access this area. This area is predominantly Ponderosa pine with large granite boulder piles. Glassing in this area will be limited, although still-hunting and sitting waters can yield good results. The pastures north and south of the Yolo Ranch headquarters are private and no hunting is allowed.

Cross U Ranch, FS 21 north along Hitt Wash. This area is mostly gentle hills with pinyon/oak woodland. Glassing will be more effective in this area. Some of the private sections along Hitt Wash have been closed to vehicle travel by the ranch to promote regeneration of the riparian area. Foot access is permitted in these locations.

Walnut Creek Road (County Road 125) parallels a popular corridor for deer hunters. Although this road goes through a good amount of private land, where permission is required, it is the northern access point for FS 9 and 95.

For those willing to get away from the roads and hike or go horseback, Juniper Mesa Wilderness will be the ticket. Best access is from the north off FS 7. The mesa is mostly Ponderosa to the west, grading to pinyon as you head east.

Haystack Peak (FS 664). This area is a checkerboard of U.S. Forest Service and private land, which is owned by the Yavapai Ranch. Access to the private land has been obtained through an agreement between the ranch and the Department. The ranch maintains the road system, and it is asked that when weather conditions make these roads muddy that people refrain from using them, or at least limit travel on them to avoid extensive rutting.

Happy Camp (FS 1). Access is through the Yavapai Ranch headquarters.