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    Went on a hunt with a friend Sat-Tues night. He got a tag for 5a and 5b any antlered deer. I took Friday off and loaded up the GMC. First time hunting with a 2wd low slung truck. It was a nice drive up and I got great MPG. Thats about all that the truck was good for.

    We took off late Friday night so we could be out in the woods before the sun was up. Headed into 5a first as I know that area more than 5b and can find my way in the dark. We hit our spot and watched the sun come up. Nothing was moving. Not even any sounds. We moved off the first spot and slow walked our way back to the truck. No movement. No sounds.

    We headed out to the 2nd spot and looked around for a while. Found a few turkeys but no deer.

    Made our way to the base camp in 5b. We were camping next to Ashurst lake and Mormon canyon. We headed out to Mormon canyon and started scouting out a good spot for an evening hunt. We hiked a while and found the out house for a bear. There was poop all over the place. Never did see the bear but didnt stick around to see if he would be back at sunset.

    Day one no deer.

    We were up at 5am and out looking for a place to glass. We found a dry lake that we watched for a while and didnt see anything. We walked it looking for sign. Nothing too fresh. Lots of elk poop.
    The day was spent looking watching and listening.
    Just before last shooting light I saw movement. Fat buck with a small rack. It was about 550-600 yards out and running. There was never a good shot.

    Day two one buck.

    Back up early we we headed out to the other side of the lake where the buck had run. We had an idea where he had gone and we were looking for tracks. As we walked the road leading to the hill we wanted, a pack of coyotes started howling at us. I looked over at my buddy and said "well its a good thing we are going to the other hill" About that time another pack on the hill we wanted started howling as well. "No way that buck is still around and I dont want to deal with the dogs when its still dark" It didnt take much to convince me to find a new spot.
    We found a tank and watched till the sun was up. Nothing.
    We hiked and glassed all day. Got a little lost and ended up about 3 miles away from where we needed to be. No deer but we did see some great looking bull elk. Wide wide wide racks. They walked out into the clearing we were in and just looked at us for a while.

    We made it back to the truck about 6pm and packed up. We found another 8 elk. 5 cows and 3 bulls eating by our camp.

    Day 3 and still no buck shot.

    We talked about our options and what we had been seeing. I sent a few txt and posted on a few pages. My buddy called a few people and talked about everything we had done so far. He came up with a new plan. It was the last day of the hunt and we had to pack up. We were beat to crap from the hike the day before but wanted to make sure not to miss out on anything. We ended up sleeping in a little and let the sun come up. We packed up camp and headed to the 300. Time for some road hunting. We wanted to cover some area. I drove and he watched the woods. We started on the 87 and got almost all the way to the Knoll lake. We went down countless roads and found more elk but no deer. We hunted till the sun went down then headed into town for dinner.

    Day 4 no buck.
    Tag soup but it was still a great hunt and I got to learn some things that I never had thought about. I also learned that having a truck with a little clearance is a must. We lost so much time having to hike the roads back to where we wanted to hunt.
    Touch the cow. Do it NOW!

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    Friend got no truck?
    Well it sounds like it was a great camping trip out in the woods. Great time unless you're hunting. Still a good time.
    Sorry he didn't bring any meat home.
    We missed you
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