A photo contest. A cutting competition. A welding sculpture. Not to mention welding and cutting support and equipment access for racers. ESAB is going to be all over King of The Hammers. Check it out: ESAB at King of the Hammers

ESAB – your worldwide leader in welding and cutting – couldn’t be more revved up to be part of this year’s King of the Hammers. Our partners at LetzRoll are raring to go as well, ready to traverse the twisted, merciless course proudly sporting our colors. LetzRoll Offroad Racing will be at 132 & 136 Griffin Expressway, directly across from the ESAB welding and cutting mobile support unit, located in the Hot Pit area (along the start / finish line).

Welding and cutting support will be available ON THE LAKEBED for racers, fans, wheelers, and crews alike. Come by for any needs or support you may need, or just come by to see the equipment, get some free swag, and try out the cutting edge products.

Show off. Get likes. WIN.

Stick it on your machine. Stick it on your equipment. Stick it on yourself. Just be sure to snap a picture of it. Stop by the ESAB truck at King of the Hammers to get your special edition ESAB sticker and then get creative with it. Take a photo and send it to esaboffroad@gmail.com. Then let the battle begin.

Photos will be posted on our our Facebook page. So tell your family, tell your friends, tell everybody to head there and like yours. On February 14, voting closes and to the victor go the spoils.

The photo that grabs the most likes wins the grand prize – a mini-shop of ESAB welding and cutting equipment. It has the PowerCut® 700 plasma cutting package, the Caddy® Mig C200i, and our PPE Starter Kit. Yeah, this is the real deal. We’ll also randomly draw a second place winner who’ll receive an ESAB/LetzRoll swag bag with a duffle bag, t-shirt, beanie, fleece jacket, and safety glasses. So smile pretty.

Aren’t going to be at the Hammers, you say? Don’t worry – you can still be part of the action. Like your favorite photo from our album and you’ll be entered to win a second ESAB/LetzRoll swag bag. It’s the next best thing to being there in person.


Your logo, your car number or whatever you choose to represent your team can be part of a lasting piece of King of the Hammers history. At the ESAB truck, PlasmaCam will be on-site to cut out your team’s mark and then you’ll weld it – using ESAB equipment, of course – to the base of a sculpture that will evolve throughout the week as teams add their marks.

Send a .dxf or .tiff image to esaboffroad@gmail.com today.


How fast can you cut through a 4" I-beam? Step right up to the ESAB truck to find out. The competition’s sure to be fierce, as the fastest time will be awarded a new PowerCut® 400 from ESAB.