I went down to Tucson to visit family the week before Christmas and at some point my sunroof broke and the passenger side track stuck in the vent position. I thought I'd be able to get it open and clear the track once I got home, but after removing the glass and messing with it; it only got worse. My curiosity got the best of me and soon the headliner was out.

In case anyone stumbles on this trying to remove their WJ headliner, the seatbelt height adjusters do not have to be removed (I couldn't see how to do this easily anyway). If you pop out the lower interior panel on the B and C pillars you can slide the upper panel down behind it with the seatbelt adjuster in the lowest position. This gives plenty of room to remove the headliner. When pulling it out the rear hatch, you will have to bow the headliner, just be gentle so you don't fold or crack it. Mine made some horrible noises as it rubbed the side on the way out but it didn't hurt anything.

There are 9 studs in the roof that hold the sunroof up. With the glass out it's really light and wouldn't be too bad to remove on your own, but I got Nate to hold up the front while I unbolted the back. With it out I tried to dislodge the stuck side but I still couldn't.

Here's the passenger side stuck in vent position

So this left me with a big hole in the roof. I called around and only found one place that fixes sunroofs but they charged $600. I had already found a new replacement unit online for $600 (the dealer wanted almost $1000). I ordered the $600 replacement but got an email 2 days later that it would cost $250 in shipping because of the size. That is more than I thought was resonable so I started checking junkyards. I found a place in Gilbert that had what I needed for $150 and it came with a 1 year warranty. The family and I took a trip, got lunch at Joyride Taco Shop, and picked up the sunroof. American Auto Recyclers took care of me, they were super professional and organized, and with a 1 yr warranty on a junkyard part I was very happy. They actually had pulled the part for me before I got there but I'm pretty sure it was an aftermarket unit. I brought my broken one and compared them before paying. They recognized it didn't match and sent a guy to pull another one. 20 mins later I was out of there.

Installing the sunroof was uneventful, everything lined up perfectly and it was easy to adjust the glass so it sits perfect with no gaps.

The toughest part of the whole install was replacing the drain tube. Both front drains were dry and cracked, you can see a piece of the broken blue tubing on the dash in the next pic. They crumbled anytime I tried to touch them. I ran to home depot and got some 3/8 in PEX tubing. The PEX is not as flexible and wont follow the same path as the old, but I found a direct path to the floor drain which I think is better anyway. I used some heater hose to connect to the sunroof and reinstalled the headliner.

That's it. $150 for the sunroof and $5 for the new tubing. Everything is back together and working perfectly.