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Thread: Abandoned US Highway 70 - 11-23-13

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    hike Abandoned US Highway 70 - 11-23-13

    Bob had mentioned a desire to walk along the old abandoned historic US Highway 70 that can sill be found east out of Superior. It superceedes the US60 we use now and can be seen easily below from the 1949 built Pinto Creek Bridge. That bridge won an Annual Award of Merit for being the "most beautiful steel bridge", given by the American Institute of Steel Construction and the original bridge below was in service from 1900-1949.
    The old highway winds along the creek and then up through the mountain using the old Claypool Tunnel (use until 1952.)
    Bob found this great photo
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    We began our steps in the rain and it didn't let up until after we reached the tunnel. On the way I heard a noise somewhere in the dry creek off to my side and mused that it was odd that the creek was still dry. I looked further up and saw rushing water, confusedly looked back to the rocks closer to me and saw no water. My brain spent the next few seconds trying to make sense of it, whether the creek went below ground at that point, maybe there was a water path hidden in a bend... ohhhh it's a flash flood...

    We made it up the hill to the old tunnel but then the wind up there managed to work the cold into our bones so we didn't hang out long. As we began the journey down, the sun unexpectedly came out. It played games with the clouds and lit the old highway and surrounding area in odd and interesting ways from time to time. When we made it back to the car we drove up to see the other old bridge over Devil's Canyon.

    Flash flood start

    Tunnel Bob


    Pinto Creek Bridge from old crumbling highway

    Still drivable if not for the landslides

    Odd lighting as the sun came out

    Creek still going strong

    Under the old bridge. You can still see the wood imprints that molded the concrete. The design was a filled spandrel arch.

    Sun put on a show at the end

    Under the Devil's Canyon bridge (Bob likes bridges)

    Ooo a waterfall
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    nice, that looks like a fun place to explore

    whens the next trip?
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    Awesome! Great pics, Mike!
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    Killer pictures! I had no idea such things existed out there. So cool.

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    Very cool! Awesome pics!


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