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Thread: Coconino NF announces workshop to help visitors get free maps on smartphones

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    Default Coconino NF announces workshop to help visitors get free maps on smartphones

    Below is an email we received, it is a great idea and they need the OHV community support. Please read and support if you can. Thanks...

    Hello AZOHVC Board Members and Representatives,
    I currently work for the Coconino National Forest and am trying to spread the word about a workshop we are going to be having that introduces a new and improved version of our Motor Vehicle Use Map.
    We are trying to get a lot of support for printing these new color/shaded maps because right now our regional and Washington offices arenít exactly on board with us doing itóthough it would be a great help to the public.
    The more support we get, the better the chances are we can get this thing rolling. I am a fellow off-roader and have used the free black and white map and know how frustrating it is to navigate with it. It is a national template that was dictated to all the national forests by Washington so we had no choice other than to use it. However, our forest has decided to create a color/shaded/landmarked one that would be much more user-friendly and still free to the public.
    However, we cannot move forward without ultimate approval from our regional office and Washington. So, if possible, please attend the workshop and provide feedback about the new map we are trying to introduce. The more support we get for it, the stronger of a case we have to prove to our regional and Washington offices that this needs to be done.
    Below is a news release with all the specific information. Feel free to email me if you have questions.

    Coconino NF announces workshop to help visitors get free maps on smartphones

    Flagstaff, Ariz. Ė The Coconino National Forest is holding a free workshop for anyone interested in providing feedback on a new map and downloading a free, color map on to their iPhones and Android smartphones.
    The workshop will be held at the Supervisorís Office of the Coconino National Forest on Friday (Aug. 30) from 4 to 8 p.m. at 1824 S. Thompson Street in Flagstaff.
    This workshop will introduce an improved version of the Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM), called MVUM Turbo, which will include color, shaded relief background, landmarks, and other improved features such as game management unit boundaries. Hunters and forest visitors are invited to attend to give feedback about this pilot program to see if the map improvements are helpful.
    The original black and white MVUM is available for free at any Coconino NF ranger station and can also be downloaded for free at (case sensitive). Those attending the workshop should bring the appropriate cords to attach their device to a computer.

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    Yeah QR Codes are getting big these days and who can blame anyone it's an easy sell to the young people this day and age... Any addl attendance we can help for these folks will benefit all in the end by way of QR Codes on the forest and color maps.
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