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Thread: Hackberry Spring Loop 3-17-13

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    hike Hackberry Spring Loop 3-17-13

    Noel and I went to early service so we could have more of the day out in the Superstitions. She never needs the details of where we're going. I let her know what shoes to wear and the temperature and she's ready to go wherever I point the vehicle.

    My 1st goal was to get her to some flowers as the desert is all bloomy green and whatnot right now. The secondary mission was to find some water.

    We hiked the loop counterclockwise which worked out well given we got our flower stuff out of the way first and then had plenty of time for all the water we found later on the creek and at the spring. We managed to find two swim spots out of the way. In fact, once we got on the loop proper and off 1st and 2nd water trail, we didn't see a soul. There was a family down near the spring but we had all the rest to ourselves.

    We saw one lazy rattler and a bunch of rabbits.

    The start of the narrow canyon

    New friend
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    Very cool. Love the colors in the last picture.


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