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    I didn’t get pulled for any of the areas I wanted so picked up a tag for my Dad and I in unit 32. I am the type of person that likes to know where I am going and what I will be getting myself into. Due to other plans and commitments that had been made I wasn’t able to get any time to scout. I had a friend give me some ideas of where to go and with my maps and computer scouting I headed out.
    My dad had to work on Thursday so I loaded everything up and waited at his place till he got home. We were on the road by 7pm or so.
    The drive up is what it is. Chandler to Globe and keep going on the 70 to the Klondike turnoff. The dirt road from the 70 to Klondike gets old after a few miles but the random horse in the middle of the blind corner will wake you up real quick.
    Since we were new to the area we spent the first night at the 4mile campground and just unloaded what we needed. It was a great night with a clear sky and so many stars. We played with the idea of leaving the rainfly off. It poured down rain starting at 3am. I am so glad we didn’t leave the top of the tent open.
    About 4:30 I wake up to water in the face “what the…!?!?! Why is my bag wet???” My Dad is up and has the same problem. My tent of 14 years has given up and is now leaking. Oh well it will make for a good laugh later… I hope.
    We head out with a trusty map in hand and find the road blocked “no trespassing”. No problem we have a map! New road and its blocked with “no trespassing”… ok… I pick another road. Looks good on the map and is looking good till we get to the gate “access permit required” at this point I am about to toss the map out the window. I notice the sign in box and pray the access permit is in the box. It is and we are on our way.
    By this time its light out and we drive till we see a good hill to climb and spend some time glassing. We ended up glassing all morning and didn’t see a thing. On our way back to the truck we talked with a rancher that said the deer was down due a lot. He then told us where to camp and where we may have some luck.
    That night the wind was blowing so hard that I got pistol whiped my my own gun that was in a side pocke of the tent. There were times that I was sure my tent was going to get blown off the side of the hill. Then the rain came. No the tent had not stoped leaking since last night. Once again we had rain ouside and inside the tent. By 6am the floor of the tent was soaked. I had picked up an extra cot for my dad this year so we were dry for the most part. The rain gave way to sleet then snow than back to rain then just bad wind.
    The next few days we spent glassing and hiking. We didn’t see a thing but we did have a good time getting to spend some time with each other.
    I took my dad home and then headed back up. This time I headed south and made my way into the Galiuro wilderness. I put miles on my boots and glassed till my eyes gave out. I found 1 doe and 8 turkeys. I would get up early and hike like a madman and then come back to camp about 1pm. Grab a snack and then drive the old trails near the wilderness looking for good spots. After lunch I would hike back out to a glassing point to watch and listen. Didn’t see anything other than the doe.
    And that my friends is how you make tag soup.
    Touch the cow. Do it NOW!

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    Great determination story.
    Glad you persevered, sorry you didn't get one this round.
    Disclaimably quotastic
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