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Thread: Lake Pleasant / Boulders /BLM OHV trails and Peoria/Table Mesa

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    Default Lake Pleasant / Boulders /BLM OHV trails and Peoria/Table Mesa

    Overall this is not good for OHV, so below is the meeting list and ways to reach out and get your input heard. One major need is to copy Jeff on each correspondance so he knows he has our support. Jeff Gursh

    Please make time to attend a meeting, send in comments and support the AZOHVC efforts to preserve our rights and area.

    The AZOHVC met with the City of Peoria Planning on May30. The city was left with a CD with data and hard copy of all our (ATR and AZOHVC)work at the BLM boulders area as well as all the BLM planning docs and maps of the SRMA that is the Boulders OHV area.
    The city took all the info and would look at adding in the comments on OHV use and would also meet with the BLM on the area. (Something they had not yet done).

    Ride Now met with the Peoria Mayor on June 4 and expressed our concerns on keeping OHV use in the area as both an economic need and a social recreation need. the Mayor was not aware that OHV use was not included in the draft.

    What can the rest of us do?
    There are 4 more meetings for this plan draft.

    Meeting #1
    June 6, 2012 @ 5:00 p.m.
    DCSB Point of View Room
    9875 N. 85th Avenue

    Meeting #2
    June 12, 2012 @ 6:00 p.m.
    Vistancia Elementary School (library)
    30009 N. Sunrise Point

    Meeting #3
    July 12, 2012 @ 6:00 p.m.
    Peoria Chamber of Commerce
    8631 W. Union Hills Dr. #203

    Meeting #4
    July 26, 2012 @ 6:00 p.m.
    Sunrise Mountain Library
    21200 North 83rd Avenue

    Go to one of these meetings. If you belong to a club , say so, write a short letter and take it with you as a written comment( please send a copy to me to keep with my files).Tell them you ride in the area, your family rides in the area , you camp in the area , the BLM boulders is a great place and that you have commented on the plans for the BLM lands north of HWY 74 since 2006.
    If you are a business, say where you are located and how the area is important to you business and if possible the number of employees and approx. $$ figures in sales tax you generate yearly.
    This is going to be the important issue here.....economic...Jobs , sales tax and revenue. Peoria staff are not dirt bikers or OHVers ..............if they were , someone would have added it (OHV use) as a existing recreation.

    If you write a letter send it electronically to Chris Jacques Peoria Planning department

    This is important! If you cant make a meeting...........send the letter!! Dont think that someone else is going to do this for you!

    See attached PDF of Boulders area with preserve over lay ...............This plan will encompass OHV trails from Boulders all the way over to the new 60 inch OHV trails I recently Built for the Table Mesa BLM projects just west of I17. It also includes the new staging /jump off area located off of Cow Creek Road going to Crown King.

    Remember, Peoria is using Scottsdale's Preserve draft as a template for their own plan.........and you know what happened to all the OHV trails in the Granite Mountain area of Scottsdale.....they are closed.

    Get out there and let them know !

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    Thanks Chris,

    I copied this over to AZTTORA and HCR boards as well.....
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    Thanks Symon!!!

    Please anyone feel free to copy this over to other boards, we really can't get the word out to enough people or get enough support, this is big.

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    link doesn't work for me. I might be able to attend the June 12th meeting. Can you repost the link to the PDF?


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