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Article: Product review; EBC brake pads

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    Default Product review; EBC brake pads

    Ever since I got my Dodge about 6 years ago, I was never impressed with the brakes. I guess I was spoiled by the brakes on my GMC.

    My Dodge is an 02 2500, 4x4 with a Cummins as most of you already know. It has 4 wheel disc bakes from the factory.

    At the first brake change I had some warped rotors in the rear, so I bought 4 new vented and slotted rotors off of Ebay and OEM brake pads from They worked pretty good but recently the front pads were on the warning sensors again so I was in need of new front pads at least. Rears were still in pretty good shape but I opted to swap out all of them for an aftermarket brand, EBC, you probable have seen them advertised in your 4wd or other magazines.... I chose the "green stuff" version based on the research I had come up with for what I wanted/needed.

    I ordered them through the local supplier O'reilly autoparts. (Yes they screwed up my order but it worked out in my favor)(Pep boys is a vendor as well but they were no help). The price was about the same as the OEM's from CPD, (Dealer pricing is quite a bit more) so I was OK with that.....

    I installed the pads without turning the rotors since your are not suppose to turn vented/slotted rotors. As soon as i got to the end of my street I could tell the difference, there is "break in" material on the pads that I am not sure what the purpose is, probably something to do with scoring the rotors and maybe heat-cycling the pads to get them to seat into the rotors faster or better....

    So the first couple of days on the new pads and the brakes were awesome..... after some time they seemed to settle in and act alot like my OEM's did under normal conditions so I thought OK, their pretty good...... well after a few towing trips with all the junk loaded up I could really tell that they performed better the hotter they got......

    Then on the way to Moab, I was heading up the 89 north of Flagstaff and one of the locals decided to stop in my lane to make a left turn over double yellow lines..... they were about 5 cars up and all the cars stopped no problem, oops panic stop time for me with the camper and Toyota in tow...... I stood on the pedal and it stopped like it was empty...... I couldnt believe it, I thought I was gonna tag the car in front of me and I stopped with 2 car lengths to spare...... I was SOLD......

    I've had a few panic situations towing in this truck and the brakes always made me nervous even with trailer brakes...... these pads really saved my ass and shined when I needed them too......

    I strongly recommend EBC brake pads to anyone who loves being able to stop....especially for a towing vehicle. I'm sure simple research will provide the differences between the 2 available styles, green or yellow stuff, my research led me to believe that the green was more heavy duty but I'm not positive of this..... all I know is the green stuff version I have are very impressive so far.
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    Very useful info, I HATE the brakes on my dodge. Like you said, I think I was spoiled by my Chevy.. I will be looking into these for sure. Thanks for posting up!

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    Thanks for the info Sy
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    Great info. I just got a truck with the EBC's installed. Picking it up tomorrow I will give em a test.
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