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Article: Roll On Bed-Liner

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    Default Roll On Bed-Liner

    There are many different types of do-it yourself bed liners out there, rather it's a spray on or a roll on they all accomplish the same task. I've used different brands of each, spray on is by far the easiest but most expensive way to go. Only cost effective if you're doing a small area such as rocker panels, bumpers or something of that nature. In the past I've used Herculiner and have had good results every time. I used this for my floor boards in my old Cherokee and on several different truck beds. With this truck I chose to try another brand that appeared to be a bit less coarse. So I picked up my Duplicolor Bed Armor at Autozone and began the horrible process of prepping the bed.

    When I bought the truck it had a plastic drop in bed liner, while they usually look nice in the truck, the damage they cause underneath can be pretty bad. So, as always I pulled it out and threw it away to reveal years of dirt, leaves, ammo casings, and thankfully a minimum amount of rust.

    I've found the the easiest way to clean this out is to spray engine degreaser or a really powerful cleaning agent and let it soak for 10-20 min followed by a pressure washer. Use of a pressure washer reduces the amount of time you spend scrubbing with a brush.

    After it's washed out well, take a medium git sand paper or the sanding pad included with the Bedliner kit you bought and go over every surface you want the liner to adhere very well. Making sure there is no dirt stills stuck anywhere, wash out the bed one more time and let dry. Inspect once more, blow out with an air hose if needed and then proceed to mask off the areas you don't want the liner touching.

    I find doing one light coat over everything first followed by a second heavy coat works best, use the included brush to get in the corners and the roller should handle the rest. This stuff does NOT come out of clothes and it likes to splatter quite a bit when rolling it on, so don't wear your Sunday best.

    If I do it again, I"ll choose the Hurceliner over the Duplicolor armor. I"m not a fan of the roller they send with the Duplicolor, but all in all they both do the job well.
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    Thanks for the write up Daniel.
    Looks great!
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    X2. I have only used the spray, but will try this method next time!
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    I did the roll on bed liner on the inside of the XJ a few months back.
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