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Thread: Louisiana wedding & baby tour 2011

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    Default Louisiana wedding & baby tour 2011

    I can only take credit for the cell phone pics and girl shots

    I had to schedule a trip to Louisiana earlier this year for a wedding on October 1. A baby came out during that time so I planned part of the trip to see the new Nephew.
    The plan became a little tighter when the wedding was cancelled, then rescheduled, then moved to New Orleans, then it became a wedding part deux since they ended up getting married before closer to his family.

    So anyway I flew in Thursday to New Orleans with enough time to make the rental car drive 5.5hrs to see my brother by eleven pm. My second plane in Houston had a problem and the 30min it took to get a new one turned into 4.5 hrs since a storm rolled in while we were waiting on the runway that shut the whole airport down.

    Then we had to go back to the gate because a federal regulation says they can't keep us on the plane for longer than 3hrs and they wanted to check something mechanical out with this plane too. Upon deboarding, a rumor that the next gate was boarding to NO and was ahead of the last plane in the long line of planes now being allowed to fly out. I jumped gates and after waiting a good while in line on the runway we were off. That flight ended up being the most turbulent I'd been on and with everything else that day I found myself searching for the special bag in the seat pouch. I made it somehow without embarrassing incident.

    I got my Malibu and drove to the brothers on the dark LA highways with some 5hr energy and old school rap pushing me. I got there around 3am and went to sleep pretty quick. The next day we just hung out together. Got stuffed vinison bacon wrapped backstrap for dinner.

    Playing fetch with Nephew Cole


    I awoke in the morn at 5 (3 our time) and headed back to NO to pick up Melissa at the airport when she got in at 11:30. Got some southern po-boys and ate on a swampy park spot.

    Got to our hotel just on the border of the French Quarter.
    Wedding thing was at 4:30 at the House of Blues. It was a outside sing along thing, then after the ceremony, phase 2 had a NO brass street band play us out into the street for a bit as they led us into another building. Dancing and drinks ensued for a long time.

    I can tie a tie if I have to but I'll still look goofy wearing it

    Afterwards around 10pm we walked Bourbon Street (turning around at the gay section) and back a few times, taking in the sounds and interesting sights. It doesn't have to be even close to Mardis Gras to get beads for boobs.

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    The next day we woke up and headed over to the famous Cafe du Monde for beignets and cafe au lait. Then saw the Mississippi River and toured the French Market and Jackson Square.

    Then we took the trolley through the Garden District until we got to Audubon Park. Walked it for a while then took a bus to another nice street. Walked it back to the trolley and took it back to the French Quarter.

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    Houses along Audubon Park

    Just your typical LA home

    Name the movie this was in.

    Then we ate cajun food at Landry's (Baby K's.....still better etouffe), got our car and took a scenic drive towards the airport. We stopped to look at lake Ponchatrain on the way.

    Got to the airport, dropped the car, and found our way to the right gate for our return home.

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    Great trip.
    See, you can take people shots!
    Sweet home Alabama. ( or midnight in the garden of good and evil)
    glad you are home safe brother. Guess I have to post my Seattle pics now...
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    Looks like a good time! Even though there are no jeeps involved your pictures still rock Glad you made it there and back safe!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skatchkins View Post
    ...5hr energy and old school rap pushing me.
    I've used this same motivation more than once. Which old school raps?

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    No Jeeps there worth pics

    3 things I noticed as soon as I came to AZ
    1. Lifted vehicles everywhere you look
    2. The sky is much bigger
    3. For some reason everyone paints everything here to match dirt. When I got on the freeway here with the U-haul I thought I had gone color blind

    @sweat: Whatever was on the radio my friend. Country Rap or Country. Well I also had the choice of Zydeco.
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    Nice! Glad you had a good time!
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    Thanks for posting pics! I know you had a good time but bet you were exhausted at the end. I'm glad Andrew made you hold the baby, hehe.

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    Neither you nor Alan are correct.
    eulc a si siht sey dnA .ti was reven i dna dekcus eivom siht draeh dah I
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    some horror movie
    Zombie Caving
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