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Thread: Here's an AR15 worth investing in...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skatchkins View Post
    I'm still waiting for my Free Bacon
    It's been almost 2 years. 11-18-2009. I hope the wait isn't as long for the free AR-15.

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    To assemble, you need a punch set that includes some small punches, some tape, a needle nose plier, small hammer, long handle screwdriver (flat or philips, depending on the kit), a large plastic ziplock bag (to catch flying springs), a protected surface to work on, and a few wood blocks to elevate the receiver when punching pins. To properly install the stock, you should have a stock wrench to tighten the castle nut. I have that tool if anyone needs to borrow it. To torque it properly, an AR lower vice block should be used along with a table vise. Again, I have those. You can come over and use those. It'll take 10mins to install that.


    Source: CheaperThanDirt.Com

    Yes, receivers are a serial number item. it will need to go through a FFL if purchased from a retailer or shipped into AZ. If you purchase from a local private party, then no paperwork is required. I always suggest a bill of sale, though.

    AZ has many AR manufacturers. You can check most small gun shops. Check "" or any firearm forum under the Buy/Sell pages. I also look to Gunbroker.Com and see if there are any local dealers.

    Here's a guy in Prescott that's selling on Gunbroker. I could contact him for a local purchase. His contact info is on the auction posting.

    As for ammo, J&G has surplus. For better ammo, look to this special at Cabelas. They have the American Eagle Black Box for $5.49. Good ammo. Go to their web site, get the $20 off code, then order online to save some money. Have it shipped to their store for pick-up, then they won't charge you shipping.
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