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    camping Camp Higher Ground

    This thread is to catalog our camp set-ups. Everyone did great adapting, tearing down and setting up sometimes every night. Camping on the trail definitely mixes things up and even lends to teamwork/bonding.

    Post your camp shots up!
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    sorry for the phone pics, but my actual camera died early on in the trip...

    South Mineal Creek "Base Camp" was awesome... right by the creek, right down the hill from Clear Lake, and only a couple of minutes from Silverton... it was perfect.

    Ivan and I became pros at setting this mini-Hilton each night! LOL

    Everyone's tents came in all shapes and sizes, including Chris' 2 story tent with a sitting room, basement, dining room, game room, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a open floor plan...

    Night 2 on the creek prior to Cinnamon Pass was pretty cool too. We were tucked back in the underbrush a bit back from the creek. With the thunderstorms and all, we knew we would have time to evacuate when we heard Bob being washed down stream.

    My favorite campsite by far (even though it was pretty much an accidental camp site due to vehcile issues for the day) was in the ghost down of Tomboy, just up the mountain from Telluride. It was massively cool. There was even a deer that was a Christopher Walken fan who kept coming around the camp fire!

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    The best camp spot I have ever seen: Ice Lakes Basin. Double waterfall behind; creek on the side; huge field of flowers in foreground; other waterfalls across.

    Chris's Colossal Condo Cabin in the morn up at Tomboy
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    Sunday morning. South Mineral Creek

    Monday morning on Lake Fork Gunnison River
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