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Article: Bullet Valve Stem Caps. Set of 5 for around a dollar!

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    Default Bullet Valve Stem Caps. Set of 5 for around a dollar!

    I was browsing online and saw something that I thought was kinda cool.

    Tire valve stem caps, shaped as bullets! Pretty cool.

    But, they were only on 9mm and I'm a 45acp guy.

    It didn't look hard to reproduce, so I gave it a shot (excuse the pun).

    Fun Project - Bullet Caps!

    I pulled the caps from the Jeep. I was missing two of them so I went to O'Reilly Auto Parts and purchased a new set of 4 for $1.00. They offer both a long and short cap. Mine were the longer ones.

    I dug out 5 clean .45acp brass from my reloading bench and cleaned them well using a degreaser and hot water.

    I used two drops of Palmolive dishwashing liquid, hot water, and an empty gatorade bottle as a shaker.

    There was still some burnt powder residue inside so I reamed it with a paper towel. Then, hair dryer to make sure all the moisture was evaporated.

    I had two types of adhesive laying around the house. Gorilla gel (superglue) and Gorilla epoxy. Not knowing which would work best, I did one of each as a test.

    I filled the 45acp casing 1/3 with the adhesive. Then, I slowly pressed the valve stem cap in place. I was careful to wipe off the excess and not allow any to fall into the inside of the cap.

    8 hours later, both held strong. After the 24 hour curing time, I think either would be rock solid.

    Cost: $1.09 + stuff I already had.
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    Totally Awesome!
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    VERY cool.
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