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    Default phoenix rack and axle inc

    phoenix rack and axle inc
    114 N 32nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85034
    phone 602-252-8255

    this is the shop i took my drive shaft to for repairs on the knuckle. they did an awsome and fast job. i had dropped it off around 8:30am and it was ready that afternoon. price was good for the repair $145. they also greased it and balenced it. steve even moved the weight to a new location because from the factory it was in a spot that was not good.

    i also talked to him about building a new one and he quoted me $250 for making basically the same as i have now which was over a $100 more.

    they did a really good job and they were fast. big thumbs up for this shop!!
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    They are good. I have used them for a few things in the past when they were in the old location. Always happy with the service/product/price.
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