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Article: DYI Jeep Soft Top Door Surround Knobs Replacements for under $6.00

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    Default DYI Jeep Soft Top Door Surround Knobs Replacements for under $6.00

    Did you know that Mopar charges $15-$20 for replacement door surround knobs??? I found this out the hard way when I noticed that my used 2009 JK 4-door was missing a set. That's crazy money for a couple of knob bolts!

    I decided to make my own. A quick visit to my local ACE Hardware netted me the parts.

    For the knob I used the Fluted Metric Knob #MKF-8. Cost $3.73
    For the shaft I used a Stainless threaded rod M8-1.25-100. Cost $1.30

    The rod is a Metric 8 with a thread pitch of 1.25. Length is 100mm. This is for the longer one. The shorter one, use a length of 50mm.

    From the pics posted by kesmith8 on JK-Forum, it shows the length in inches. Using a magic marker, I marked the long rod at 3-1/4". The short rod 1-3/8"

    I used some Blue Loc-Tite on the top of the threads and screwed the Fluted Metric Knob to the desired length. The Blue Loc-Tite was probably enough to secure the knob to the rod. Red Loc-Tite should definitely do it. I wanted some "extra strength". So, once cured, I mixed some epoxy and filled in the top of the knob. Now I have 600x the surface area attaching the rod to the knob! I guarantee this knob is not falling off soon!

    I let it cure for 12 hours and it was ready for installation.

    Hint: I cut an "X" on the top of a plastic party cup and shoved the knob and rod down into it, which allowed it to hold it steady and flat, so the epoxy can cure.

    Here is the finished product. I only made the long ones, as that was the set I was missing. The knob is a bit smaller in diameter and is slightly thicker, but it works GREAT. The optional epoxy should hold it ROCK solid, and not separate, like the factory knobs.

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