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Thread: Oak Springs Canyon and Falls 5-1-10

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    hike Oak Springs Canyon and Falls 5-1-10

    Took a day trip up on the other side of Mount Ord for a creek hike after a jaunt down an old 4x4 road. Some boulder hopping along the creek that was above ground part of the time and below at others. Main destination was the falls at the end. I was worried because in some spots the creek was only a trickle, but then I got to more and more clear pools and more water flowing. The falls really were cool. I've seen pics with more water but it worked for what it was. I hiked back the way I came and then took a dip in one of the deeper pools. I may or may not have been clothed.
    Towards the end instead of hiking back up to the X, I kept going for the heck of it. I knew the topo listed a few ruins downstream so I hiked up to the other side and looked around. I did manage to find a grind stone. I also almost stepped on another snake. I've come to accept the girly noise I make as I try not to take my last step into them. It was a gopher snake but when I touched him he fake rattled which still unnderved me.
    I saw 3 other long fast snakes, frogs, lizards, and a deer. With the side trip at the end I logged 5miles, but a lot of it was boulder hopping with a little canyoneering thrown in for good measure. Good time.

    Tea bag pool

    The boring parts when the creek went underground

    I was feeling artsy. This one piece had fallen into a shadow from the trees above

    Broken Metate

    Some of these colors don't belong

    Oh hai! (click for large)
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    nice, looks like a fun trip

    any limestone rocks in that creek bed?
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    That Hog nose has great color. What a beautiful area!

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    Thanks I had fun

    Chris don't think it's the right kind of month

    Bill, I know right? You'd figure it be easy not to almost step on
    As far as type I'm sticking with Pituophis catenifer - Gophersnake
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