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Article: Master Flow MF-1050 Portable Air Compressor

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    Thumbs up Master Flow MF-1050 Portable Air Compressor

    Offroadaz told me about this on the cheap portable air compressor. He found that Costco was currently carrying it for $20 cheaper than the larger online offroad outfits that were rebadging them as more know brands (Ahem Shmittybuilt)
    Skeptical at first because of the price we each picked one up to add to our trail tools.

    The instructions boast that it will fill a 35" tire from 10 PSI to 35 PSI in six minutes. With my 33's I usually have it running on my A/T's for about 5 minutes each to get from 12 back up to 30. It doesn't baulk at doing all four in a row, but I've had the thermal cutoff switch kick in after doing about 7 Jeep tires without breaks.
    It may just be mine, but the guage is a little finicky. I've figure out what mark to go by on my tires so it's not a big deal.

    It's not a super awesome compressor, but was great for the money and I've been running it for about 3.5 years now with no problems or maintenance.
    It comes with a carry bag but after 2 or more tires forget about touching it to get back in its carry bag. I stuff it back in after I get home.

    Other Info:
    1/3 HP oil-less motor
    150 psi Max
    16ft Coil Hose
    Use with Aligator clips and battery or permanent wiring and installation

    You find it marketed under several different brand names but here it is listed with our Amazon affiliate program: Master Flow MF-1050 Tsunami High Volume Portable Air Compressor
    Generally sold between 49.99-69.99
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