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    Thought this was at least an interesting read. Higher Ground got this email today:

    I saw a jeep today with stickers all over it featuring your website,
    and I thought I'd write you.

    You may find this hard to believe, but I find the name of your site
    offensive. "Wh-what?", you say... "How can be
    offensive! You're crazy!!"

    It's like this:

    Higher ground, in the sense in which you present the double entendre,
    is intended to work on several levels. One, as an off-road play, that
    higher ground is a physical plce your 4x4's can reach in times of
    trouble. That's certainly not offensive, it's the Christian play on
    the phrase that's offensive.

    When you say higher ground in a Christian sense, you're making two
    plays on the phrase. One, that Christianity helps you achieve higher
    ground spiritually to be safe from the machinations of the world.
    Second, that as a Christian, you possess a moral superiority to non-
    Christians, a "higher ground" where you look down upon the poor, sad
    people that don't know the Lord.

    As a former Christian, I had my fill of that attitude in the church
    and am now pretty sensitive to it (mainly because I was beaten with it

    Look, I get it. Your organization is just about getting Christians
    together who share a love of four wheeling. Right. You think I'm a
    politically correct Atheist who has nothing better to do than fire off
    emails that won't even be read. Could be. But I just wanted to say,
    just because you choose to believe in an Invisible Sky Father who
    occasionally grants small wishes (except for cancer healing), doesn't
    make you superior to me. And because I choose to believe that picking
    which minute brand of Christianity (or Judaism or Muslim faith or
    Mormonism or Hindu, etc.) will be the right door into Heaven is
    empirically impossible, doesn't make me superior to you.

    Bottom line, your name is offensive to others whether you think it is
    or not. I'm guessing, though, as a Christian, you couldn't care less,
    right? I'm going to Hell, and who cares if I find it offensive? Well,
    I hear Christians griping all the time about what they find offensive,
    so I thought I'd return the favor.

    How about if I chose a name like, www.
    for my 4x4/Evolution Appreciation Society, or
    www. m
    for my 4x4's for Atheism group? No problem? It's all good?

    Maybe you could start up a sister site,
    www. christiansrockandeveryoneelsesucksco..., well, you get my drift.

    Just sayin'.

    Allan N
    Of all the bumper stickers out there to take on for offensive value :eyeroll::P
    Feel free to add your helpful responses/views or what you think HigherGround means here, maybe they'll be read.
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