My sisters drivers side mirror has been broken for awhile. She had a quote from a mechanic to fix it for $175 but that was out of her price range.

I told her if she provided the mirror I could get it installed for her.

Last week she ordered a replacement mirror from for $47 plus shipping. The install is pretty easy and should take less then 20 minutes

Step 1
Remove the 2 philips head screws on the door. One is located in the arm rest and the other underneath a clip on the inside door handle

Step 2
Next slide a flat head screw driver underneath the panel and slowly pull out. There are several clips that will pop out that hold the door panel in place

Once the panel is free of the clips you can lift it up and off of the door. It will still be attached by the interior handle but it will be pulled back far enough to reach the screws for the mirror.

Step 3

Now that you have the panel out take your socket set and grab a number 10 socket. There are 3 nuts that you will need to remove to get the mirror off.

Also be sure to unhook the wiring before trying to pull off the mirror

Step 4
Now that the mirrors off all thats left to do is plug it in, bolt it on and put the door panel back on.