Hopefully this is a tip some of you can use to save some $$$.

Since moving to AZ, my wife and I have used Ryan Johnson for home and auto insurance. He's downright awesome and I will never use another insurance agent as long as I can help it!!!

Any time someone mentions insurance, I refer them to Ryan, but here's the story that prompted me to write this thread. Last weekend my wife and I traded off our 2004 WJ for a shiny red 2009 Honda Civic. With us using my XJ, we found that the primary use for the WJ was getting my wife to and from work and the 4.7L V8 was not as gas friendly as we wanted.

Marcia called Monday morning to change our insurance policy to remove the WJ and add the new car. Crystal answered the phone and took all the needed info and emailed my wife a temporary insurance card to print until we got the official one in the mail. Quick and friendly service. End of story, right?

No. I get a call from Ryan yesterday afternoon. "Virgil, I was looking at your policies and I have something you need to look at. I crunched the numbers and Met Life Auto and Home is dying to have you as a customer."

My wife and I have been with Ryan since 2002 and used Safeco Insurance. We have home owner's insurance, 2000 Mercury Mystique, 2001 Jeep Cherokee, 2009 Honda Civic, and a 2008 Starcraft Travel Trailer. With the house, 3 cars, and the camper, we were paying $3400 annual for insurance with Safeco. By going above and beyond, Ryan got us switched to Met Life yesterday for $2500 annual and is saving us $900 a year in insurance.

Anyway, I highly recommend Ryan to anyone looking for insurance. Ryan and his office have consistantly given exceptional customer service and continue to go above and beyond what I'd expect him to do. Give him a shout and let him know Virgil sent you.


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